Just Live

For me, love comes in many forms. I love my family, my friends and so many little things in life but in so many different ways. That is the beauty of love, I guess, it is unlimited and can be felt for a great deal of reasons not just falling in love with someone. One of the big things about being human is our ability to love, to choose love. We can fight it all we like but sometimes you just cannot help the overwhelming sense of happiness and pleasure you get from even the little things. A couple of months ago I went to a gig and I had such an amazing time and my heart felt so full. In that moment I was so in love with life and so thankful for everything that I have. Now sometimes it can be hard to really appreciate and love our lives because there is so much going on in not only the world but our own individual lives too. Sometimes it can be hard to choose love because we are so used to being met with war, hatred and darkness in the news, in relationships, in everything. It’s ok to be down about that sometimes but we should really focus on how precious this life is and that we don’t know if we will ever get a second chance in another life so we have to just go for it in this one. We need to learn to love ourselves, to really show ourselves that we care. Focus on making yourself the best version of you that you can possibly fathom and don’t settle for anyone that makes you think any less of yourself. Live in every moment. That doesn’t mean you have to go party every weekend or have to be doing something completely amazing every single day. I want to be happy with my life and to appreciate the little things because to some people those tiny things we take for granted is something that they dream of having or being able to do. Let go of the expectations and limitations that society has put on us with social media and the image of the perfect life.

Be in love with your life and you will prosper. Help others see the beauty in what they have and it will not only fill your own heart but it will fill theirs as well. This world has enough negativity through politicians, governments, wars and violence but we can change that. If we choose peace, love and serenity we will be able to live our best lives and in turn show others that they too can live the same kind of peaceful life.