Crying In The Club (Literally)

Have you ever gone out for a fun night with the girls but you’ve been in a really terrible mood all day? Yeah, I’m sure most of us have. You’re either coming on your period and your hormones are messing with you, or you’ve had a shit week at work or sometimes you’re just not having a great day within yourself and that’s ok. For me I find when I am in this kind of down state that I often don’t have high expectations for the night or for anything and that’s when I turn out to have a brilliant night. Sometimes we really do need to have those down time to actually appreciate the good ones. Often nights out don’t go how you plan them and that can be when people start to get annoyed or upset with one another and when people really have a crappy night. The silver lining of this story is that you’re always going to experiences good and bad times and it’s how much you are willing to just accept and embrace it.

Just the other day I was having a real low point, you know. One where you just doubt everything and the whole dramatic idea that the whole world is against you. Usually teen drama, I guess. Not even that sometimes you just sit feeling a bit sorry for yourself. So I was getting ready and I really just didn’t want to go out, I wanted to cancel and just stay at home and fall deeper into my little miserable state. In the end I fought with myself and the better half of me won and got myself ready. My friend came round and I got my outfit on and off we went. I was already feeling better and had something to smile about. I felt genuinely happy and ended up having a good night with good friends. The images above are from two different nights out, the first of which I was really excited for and was nice but the second one was the scenario I just explained and ended up having an equally fun time if not a little more fun because I was more carefree the second time round. It’s amazing how your mood can lift by the littlest things, like chatting with your close friends, dancing, seeing a cute guy you like, messing around and just having a genuine laugh with everyone. Embrace your bad days and know that without them you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the good ones. Realise that everything does happen for a reason and your path is going in a direction that is good for you, even if you don’t see it at first.



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