Choose Peace

Sometimes it can be hard to choose peace. A lot of the time people choose not to see it. Instead, they spread anger, negativity and hatred. It pollutes our air and scatters down to the masses. We feel that we should be angry at certain situations and we may not realise it but it’s because we’ve seen others react the same way and think that it is acceptable. We can be the generation that spreads peace, calm and positivity. We just need to try. Governments start wars and create conflict in attempts to ‘protect’ us yet they seem to make us more enemies than we had before. This is our only chance in the world to really make a difference and what a beautiful thing it would be for our generation to be in the history books as the generation of peace. We need to make peace with our enemies, our own demons, our families and old friends. Love, love, love. Spread it. It’s contagious.

I see so much misery in this world and I feel it personally. It hurts me. I just want us to try, to try and be peaceful. Start with making peace within yourself. Then the rest is easy. We can lead the way for future generations to use their words instead of their weapons. A world with just a little more love could really help and maybe it’ll make people realise that life is more than a like on Instagram or how expensive your car is. And maybe that peace within the masses will rise up so high that our governments and those that place themselves at the top of the hierarchy will wake up and smell the spirit of the people and in turn realise that peace is the most powerful weapon we have. Peace always. Love always.


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