Girl On Girl Hate

Girl on girl hate is something that I’ve grown to realise is enevitable. We’re pinned against one another in film, magazines and online. We’re made to feel that we need to compete with one another, not on our intelligence but on our looks. On how we look to others. We look at pretty girls and decide to hate them because society has told us that we should feel threatened by other women. That our beauty defines us and if someone is more beautiful than us, then they are not to be trusted. That we should scowl at them and make them feel less of themselves because we are jealous. How can we live in a society like this? Why is this ok? I for one am standing against this. I love to tell other women how beautiful they are not only for their looks but for who they are as a human being. As cheesy as this may sound, there is more to life than external beauty.
I see mean girls, a lot. You need to break the mould. Surround yourself with people that are going to lift you up and support you, not those who are there to bring you down piece by piece. I’ve had friends in the past who have treated me like shit and I let them because I didn’t know any different back then. We’ve all had friends who find it hard to compliment others, who find it hard to see beyond themselves. That ok, their own self love, and sometimes consceted mindset, pushes them to only focus on themselves and how beautiful they appear to others. It can be dangerous for these people to allow others to start loving and accepting themselves because they then might find the beauty in themselves rather than others too. What I’m getting at is that some people are selfish and sometimes you have to be selfish too but don’t become so self involved that you cannot allow anyone else to feel happy within themselves. There is no need to try and bring others down just to make yourself feel better, to keep yourself up on that pedestal that you created for only you. Love and appreciate others, show them their value and always seek to make others happy. Friendship is a powerful tool and building one creates the foundation of you. Radiate positivity and help create the best version of yourself that you could possibly imagine.


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