Passenger Live

I couldn’t have chosen a better gig than Passenger for my first one. From Mike’s jokes to the spirit of the audience, the entire show was just beautiful. I was on a whole new level of good vibes and I felt the music spreading through my body and I couldn’t help but shut my eyes, dance along and embrace it. The fact that Mike (Passenger) is so passionate and is in love with music and the message that he has to give is so meaningful and pure makes me love his music even more.

I loved hearing the stories he had from when he would be busking around the world meeting so many unique individuals and hearing their stories. I would love to travel the world one day and just learn more about people. You must learn a lot travelling this world alone, you can share all the highs and the lows with no one but yourself and use that new knowledge to create, to inspire. That is exactly what Passenger’s music does for me, it inspires me to keep going to never give up or give in. His music encourages me to never settle and not to give in to the system that our society has created for us.

So now for the story of the whole night. Our night began at around 4pm when my friend and I went for an early dinner. We then got to Fort Regent for about 6pm (an hour early) and we actually got in past before anyone was there and got to hear a little sneak peak of Passenger’s supporting act Lucy Rose, who is fucking amazing by the way. After a while we went to the toilets and when we got back we had to wait to get back through as the security had arrived. Finally at just after 7pm we were allowed in and got our bands and our bags checked. The venue was so tiny, I was surprised but that made it so much more personal to me. I loved it. I stood myself right at the front in the centre, I was so pumped. Throughout the night I got so into the songs and my heart felt so full and it still does. At one point I had my eyes closed and my fingers were dancing along with me to the beat and Mike looked down at me in front of him and laughed a little. He also smiled at me later in the gig which made my heart even fuller! At the end of the gig we all chanted for one more song and then broke out into one of his songs which was so magical and beautiful. He came back on with his band and they played two more songs for us which was amazing. I was so in love with the whole night. When it actually ended and the lights came on we turned around as people were leaving and there was a sea of plastic cups discarded on the floor, it was awful so we helped pick them all up. I was on such a high after the gig and was having the best time, living my best life. We then decided to dance on throughout the night and went to town to the clubs and had a great time singing along once again and dancing the night away. A magical night that ended on a high. A night I will never forget and one that will remain one of my more treasured and favourite memories.


Feeling Nostalgic

It’s crazy how a certain smell can really take you back to a time and place from your past. Just like a song or even a photograph can bring memories flooding back. I love that. Recently I’ve been feeling very nostalgic and looking back on old photos that hold so many memories for me. Part of me feels so happy when I reminisce and yet a small part of me feels a little sad because it’s all over. I look back on these times and think about what I used to believe and do. I used to be so carefree. I didn’t ever really see myself as a young woman, I never thought about it. I just ran around and did my own thing with no worries. I didn’t care for being in a relationship and I guess I didn’t need to because we were all quite innocent back then. I miss only ever feeling self conscious when picked upon in class or when walking on stage. Other than that I didn’t really feel too much pressure coming from peers or my family, I guess because I made sure that I wasn’t being pressured into doing things I didn’t want to do. I still am like that, I won’t let people try and force of manipulate me into doing things that I am uncomfortable doing. Some things never change.

I almost don’t recognise myself when looking at these photos. I feel that I have grown into such a different person inside and out. My style has definitely matured and grown into its own unique taste. I’ve lost and gained friends and learnt a great deal in my youth.  I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge and have gone through some very important life lessons, ones that cannot be taught. The thing is, so many people wish they could have done things differently and yes there are thing’s that I wonder what if that had happened differently. But ultimately I wouldn’t have done it any other way because I had fun and even though people called me weird and tried to bring me down I didn’t care. I knew even then that my uniqueness scared others and people only try to break things that they don’t understand or that are different to how they are. I love that I was weird, it means I was authentically myself.

I don’t know why I’ve been feeling so nostalgic lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of education completely for a year now and I miss hanging out with my buddies everyday in school and being a carefree young teen. I mean I’m still a teen but not for much longer. It can be important to reflect on how you have grown and changed over the years, just as it is important to realise when you are not changing and knowing that sometimes this isn’t a bad thing. Be honest with yourself and you won’t need to feel regret or unease. Learn that the only person you need to satisfy is yourself and you can’t live off hoping that others will give you the kind of love that you need to give yourself.