Deceived By Social Media

It’s a funny thing, social media. There are so many great things about it, like how connected we can be to people all over the world but there are also down sides to it all. We only put the best of ourselves on our socials, naturally. However, there’s a big difference between uploading a selfie from your best side to creating a false identity to make yourself look like a different person than you actually are. I’m not trying to put anyone down but it is insane the amount of times I see people uploading a photograph to Instagram that is a complete facade from who they actually are. I don’t quiet understand how people can do this to the extremes. Be who you are and be proud of that. If you’re unhappy with who you are then change yourself not your instagram bio.

What you see on social media:



The reality behind the image:


I really am struggling with this whole ‘perfect life’ thing and the way others portray themselves across social media. Even little funny things like my friends tell me the stories behind a photo they’re tagged in and how it wasn’t as great as it seemed in the snapshot that was taken. I know all things happen this way these days but I don’t understand why. Why are so many people more interested in their social media presence and what those looking at their profiles think of them rather than their actual friends and people that are actually there for them in their lives. We’ve grown into the selfie generation where we don’t care about anyone else but ourselves and how many likes we can get on our posts. I make a vow to never create a false presence on social media to please others or to make my self appear in a way that is not who I truly am. Be yourself, that way there will be no surprises when people meet you in person. We shouldn’t feel afraid to put our true selves on our socials, we should be proud of who we are and build ourselves up by celebrating our individual tastes and ideas.


2 thoughts on “Deceived By Social Media

  1. It’s true, our priorities have changed…for the worse. One of the reasons I prefer WordPress, it revolves around a shared passion as opposed to external characteristics and an image we reflect. Very thoughtful piece, enjoyed this a lot!

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