In life friends come and go but the ones that stick around are few and far between. Friends fall out, make up, move on and we make new ones, that’s just part of life. There’s nothing wrong with that and there doesn’t necessarily have to be anything wrong with the friendship, sometimes we just drift a part because our paths are taking us in different directions and that’s ok. I’ve grown to learn to accept these things in life and not worry about the moments or the things that we have no power over and cannot change. I like to surround myself with good people, ones that lift me up and make me a more whole version of myself. It can be hard to leave those that aren’t helping us to grow and develop just because we fear letting go. I build my friends up and encourage them to grow along with me. You don’t always need to be with your friends every single day to know that they are there for you.

It can be so difficult to let go of those friends that aren’t good for you and I get that first hand. I’ve never really ‘conquered’ the technique of letting go of those kinds of people accept just slowly distancing yourself from them. Letting go of the good old memories and realising that there are better memories to be made with better people that are more suited to you. If you leave these people behind you don’t have to leave the good times, you’ll have those memories for the rest of your life and sometimes that’s enough. We need to invest our time more in those who love us and who want to be part of our lives. Hang out with the best people for your happiness, make a collaborative project together, go to the cinema, go for a long drive, just be around those who want to be around you for the right reasons. That’s how we should live, without fear of upsetting others and without feeling guilty for leaving behind the rubbish that we no longer need. Good people are always around and you can find them if only you open your mind to new ideas and meet new people. If you send out positive vibes into the universe then you will be met with the same vibes in return. This life is so temporary so make the most out of all the little moments and don’t waste your time on people who don’t care about you or bring a negative light into your life.



Taking Risks

We’ve all thought about taking risks in our lives, whether it be walking through a seemingly small puddle, a fashion statement, in the workplace, on an assignment or in a relationship. We as humans tend to be good thinkers but not so much good at actually getting up and doing those things we so often dream up in our minds. We play it safe in order not to hey hurt or to avoid messing up. But taking ┬árisk and standing out is the best part about being human, being able to creatively be our unique selves and show the world that we are who we are and it doesn’t matter if we aren’t like everyone else. You’ll only regret the things you never did.

We must dare to be brave and stand out not for attention but for the joy of being different. This is just as much a message to myself as to those reading this as I know we can all fall into what is comfortable. Taking risk is something we should attempt to do weekly if not daily, we need to realise that this life is so temporary and we must make the most of it while we are young and able. I have moments of uncertainty and times of doubt when it comes to doing something different but then I ask myself, ‘would I regret not doing that if I was on my deathbed tomorrow?’ and most of the time it works and I feel sure about myself again. Take a risk because it’s what you want to do. Take a risk because it is the right thing for you. Take the risk and don’t hold back because in the end none of this will matter anyway. Embrace life to the fullest that you can and don’t regret a single thing.

Teens Being Teens

Today I found some old video files from last year on my leaver’s ceremony day of me and my friends. I decided to put it together to create a little film as a fun memory to have of what we did that day. I really enjoy making little videos throughout significant or even random days as it holds so many fun memories for not only be but the people who are also a part of my life and have shared the same experiences. The beauty of having this footage and being in this day and age is that we can so easily share our memories and moments that often outsiders would never see. This is my way of creating another form of a physical log of my life and the adventures I get up to throughout my teenage years. Click the link to get to the video on my YouTube channel.

Leaver’s Ceremony 2016