Girl Love

Looking back on life, we tend to focus on the bigger moments and we often leave out the little details that helped to mould us and change our perspectives. I look back at nights out and often don’t remember most moments accept those that were documented or those that really stood out to me. I love going on nights out with friends to let go and have a fun time. We need to times in our lives that are completely care free. Where we can be ourselves and take in every moment, to be young. Something I’ve learnt over the past few months is that being carefree is so much more empowering and liberating that always needing to find validation and comfort. Feeling good about yourself needs to come from you and you alone. Being comfortable within yourself and being able to wear that confidently can be difficult in this society. We are made to believe that it is more acceptable to hate and ridicule yourself than it is to try and accept yourself and bring yourself up.

Friendship is so important, to have a strong group of people surrounding you to bring you up and make you feel happy. Being able to go out and just have fun, no matter what gets thrown your way, with great company. In a world where girl on girl hatred and rivalry is favoured and brought to light for other people’s pleasure we need to stick together and instead spread girl love. There have been many occasions, when out, that I have been given dirty looks and glares from other young women who I don’t even know. This is because the media tells us that this is how we should act when we see other women. We’re taught that other women are a threat and that they cannot be trusted when the only one’s who we shouldn’t trust are the media and a lot of the entertainment industry. Be who you are without being afraid of getting cut down by another girl just because you are a girl. We need to be strong as friends and ignore sigmas and stereotypes that have been created solely for someone else’s entertainment.


A Year Gone

Reflecting on this year is something I’ve not really done yet. I feel that everything has just come and gone so quickly and certain situations haven’t worked out how I would have expected them to. Life has this cruel way of changing your plans and moving your path in a direction that you yourself would never have expected or wanted it to go. I look back now and really appreciate all of the moments that I tend to overlook. I feel grateful for where I am in the world and the life I get to live but sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what is right in front of you because there are so often objects in the way. There are different things telling you that you aren’t happy and that your life isn’t good enough and then something drastic happens and you can’t figure out why it has come into your life and not someone else’s. If there really was a ‘God’ they wouldn’t let bad things happen to good people, right? I guess we can never really tell anything that happens to us accept that we are the creators of our own destinies (it’s cheesy but who cares I’m reflecting so shhhh). We are the ones with the power to look at situations in a positive or negative light. We must see how our strengths and weaknesses are imbalanced from the past year and work on making the new year a more balanced and successful one. Every decision we make is significant and we must learn that we are responsible for the people and environment that we surround ourselves with. I reflect once more of the past year and how much I have changed and grown as a young adult. I have learnt so much about myself and the world I live in. For the next year I will continue to grow and continue to create.