Creating More

This month I’ve really been thinking more and more about my photography work and all of the projects that I want to create. Sometimes it can be harder than we think to come up with ideas and actually creating them because life gets in the way. There’s always something that happens to us in-between work and creating that seems to take our full focus. Many things have gone on this month, most of which I have chosen not to share, that have stopped me from creating and posting. This body of work was done in the middle of last year and is something that I really enjoyed doing and had a lot of fun creating and conceptualising. I wanted to create something fun, with little meaning behind it. A project that I could just do on a random day and be done with at the end of it. This shoot holds some fun memories with my friends and our time back in school. I miss those times and the freedom and lack of responsibility that came with being a student. Creating will always be something fun and enjoyable for me because I get to express myself and how I’m feeling as well as just being able to mess around and try something different and new.