Human Nature

In moments of chaos we often don’t give ourselves the opportunity to take a step back. We let the chaos overwhelm us and succumb to the madness. Today was a day that I was able to reflect. I strolled through the town while all the people rushed past on lunch breaks and with places to be. It’s nice to not have to be in a rush, to bypass all of the natural beauty of our world. We learn routines and fixate on them, constantly overthinking things without just taking a moment to sit and admire the natural beauty of our island. Something that we, the human race, fail to appreciate is the lives we have. We’re fixated on wanting more, having more and we can’t see the beauty in every day. Human beings have this nasty habit of craving power and money over being happy and appreciating what you’ve got. It can be hard to look at your life in a positive light at times. We’re pretty selfish in that respect, we don’t think about others and the lives that they lead. Some less fortune and some that don’t even have the luxury to complain. We forget that the world we live in is so naturally beautiful. We build on land that wasn’t even ours to begin with and we disrespect nature to suit our own selfish needs. Roads. Cars. Offices. Housing. I find so much peace in nature, just listen to the wind, the ocean, the trees and the birds. There is so much that we overlook and should really appreciate more. Today I decided to walk down to the ocean for a little while. With no music and nothing but my own company and the gentle brush of the wind along with the calming soft crashes of the waves to the rocks. It’s nice to just breathe in the air and to listen to nature and really take a step back from the world to just take it all in. There are constantly people everywhere you turn, sometimes it’s so crowded that you feel a little trapped. But for some reason not many people can be found at the ocean or walking along nature’s cliffs and woodlands. I guess I like that because I get to have time to myself without worrying about others around me. It really is a place to relax and to reflect or sometimes to even just admire the land and not think much of anything at all.


Lacking Inspiration

Sometimes it’s hard to create, we loose our enthusiasm and can’t seem to fix it. There comes a point where everyday life takes over and you loose the energy you once had for the creative part of your life. I don’t want that to happen to me. I feel that I’ve been a bit lost these past months, seemingly unable to create. It’s not that I don’t have idea, trust me, I just need to reignite that spark. Funny thing is I kinda wish I was back in school. At least there it forced me to do something, I had no other responsibilities other than getting school work done so it was part of my routine, my schedule. Learn, develop, create, grow. I was constantly researching and getting inspired by the world around me being able to share ideas and talk with friends. It’s all changing now and I accept it, it’s just I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. I don’t feel old enough to have a proper job, I don’t feel old enough to be earning money and I certainly don’t feel old enough to be out in the real world. I guess I’m not quite there yet though. I still have a lot more to learn, places to travel and discover, new people to befriend. Sometimes it can be challenging to see further than one day at a time. I like not to think too much about my future but to embrace everything that comes my way. I know that after this short pause period my whole life is going to erupt, in the best way possible, and I’m going to be able to find my voice and make my own mark on the world. I just need to focus and keep going. I will not stop creating and I will not outgrow my creative flare, it lives within me (as cheesy as that may be). This is more me thinking out loud kind of a post, something to make sure that I keep going and never give up because that would be too easy. Nothing worth creating comes easy.