I want to take a moment to think about the small moments in life that we tend to forget. The everyday things that don’t make it into our memory storage but are also so great. Today was one of those days for me. Something that many people take for granted, including myself at times, is the world around them, they’re constantly wishing they were somewhere else with this twisted idea that somewhere else would be better. We forget to appreciate the little details that make our environments unique. I love where I live, so many people my age tend to take this for granted. We don’t look at the natural beauty of the island but instead focus on what it does not have. It really doesn’t feel like autumn because we still have so much sunshine, global warming? Going for walks along the cliffs really gives you time to appreciate where you are and to just stand back and take a breath. Don’t worry about social media or anyone, just take in the landscape and breath. One of my favourite places to visit is that in the images below. It reminds me of when I went there as a child with my parents and had so many fun adventures and it is where I buried my two pet hamsters. The place holds a lot of great memories for me and it makes me feel happy whenever I go there. You can just forget about the world over there and watch the waves crash against the cliff edge and hear the birds and the woodland creatures rustling among the leaves. It’s the little details in this place that I love and will never forget.


Birthday Bash

Another year has past and I’ve made it through. I wanted to have a little celebration with a few good friends so we went out for dinner and then out for a dance afterwards. After having a really shitty week I found going out to be a really great pick-me-up being able to just hang out with friends and have a laugh. Firstly, I decided that I wanted to wear a baby blue suit and actually loved it when it arrived and I pieced everything together. I felt so comfortable in this outfit which is something I find rare when going out. We’ve kind of given ourselves this expectation that you need to wear skimpy little outfits that show off everything if you want to look good. I love wearing dresses and skirts but also just felt a whole lot more comfortable in the suit and had a really great time dancing in it.

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                         | Baby blue suit: Asos  | Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger | Heels: River Island | 

Reflecting on the weekend I had a really awesome time. Going out dancing is so much fun. One comment was made by some random guy saying ‘she’s so gone’ actually amused me because at this point it was the end of the night and I hadn’t taken my heels off, which were killing me, and I didn’t have a drop to drink. It’s so funny because I don’t actually drink I just stumbled because of my shoes, and I naturally just loose my balance from time to time. People are so quick to make judgments, before finding out all the facts. I know it was an innocent comment but it just stuck with me. Having turned a year older, this year, I actually feel older. I feel a whole lot older and wiser than I was this time a year ago. So much has happened in a year and we forget just how much changes over the years. Sometimes these changes are subtle so we don’t even notice that they’ve happened but reflecting on the past really puts everything into perspective. Now I feel that I am at a much better place with my style and who I want to be and how I want to express myself through fashion. It’s fun and this suit was a little experimental which turned out really well because now I just want to wear them all the time! Changing things up with my style is refreshing and bringing in new style to my nights out has really helped me to break the mould of how women are expected to look and what is deemed attractive. Stop caring and just wear whatever the hell you want!