Remember Me?

It’s funny how friends come and go so often in life. We tend to forget about how many friends we once had and how many just drifted out of our lives. Somehow friendships don’t last, people change and sometimes people just grow apart. I often look back at old photographs and think about those who are no longer permanent figures in my life, people I used to tell everything to I now just say hi to when I see them in the street. That’s all part of growing up though I guess, you can’t always decide who your friends are and you definitely can’t make them stay when they just don’t want to. I wanted to create a small project and bring it to life in this post as I’ve taken some inspiration from photographer John Baldessari and his work of defacing people or making them anonymous. I took the liberty of looking through old images from when I was in my early teens and saw the amount of people I would hang out with. It made me reflect on how vastly that number of ‘friends’ has narrowed but now I feel that though the number is smaller, the quality of those friendships are much stronger. I wanted to be able to creatively express myself in some way and so took to slight destruction to make an image new, to show my life and those who are now more irrelevant to my life, to add an aspect of anonymity to those who I no longer spend most of my time with. I decided when re-shooting these images to make them slightly blurry, this symbolises my blurred memories of when those people were more prominent figures in my life.




You’re a Feminist?

I am constantly conflicted with the label of being a feminist. Sometimes I am proud to call myself one and other times I get smacked back by all of the negative connotations that this word now owns. Somewhere along the line this word, used to empower men and women to stand up for equal rights, has been twisted and manipulated into being titled as an insult. I see videos, tweets, comments mocking feminism and labelling those who identify as feminists ‘feminazis’ as if we are some sort of cult that wants to rid the world of all men and believe we are the superior sex. We are living in a world like that but it’s a patriarchal one. A world that we have, over the years, been brought up to accept. It’s funny to me that wanting equal opportunities, equal rights and an equal chance at life is something so outrageous and radical. I know that it will take time for many people to accept women as their equal counterparts just like the ongoing battles of equality of race and of sexuality. We don’t need this world to be anymore ignorant¬†than it already is. As a society I feel that we fear change, we fear what people might think of us if we think differently to them so we just passively accept. I realise that I am a feminist and, no matter how many times people put the movement down say nothing will ever change or we¬†should be happy with where we are at, I will never just accept my place in the world because someone else told me to. Feminism is so much more that the problems you face on a day-to-day basis. This movement is so huge and there are so many different aspects to it; education, sexual freedom, harassment, stereotypes, pay gap and so much more. We need to think more than just of ourselves and realise that this world is unfair and that we don’t have to accept that. People told the Suffragettes to keep quiet and accept that they will never have the right to vote and now in 2016 the UK has a female Prime Minister and the USA has a female presidential candidate. We’ve made change in the past and really made a difference we shouldn’t just accept that this is all that can be done. So yes I am a feminist and no I will not be quiet.