The Perfect Life

I can so easy to get lost in the idea of perfection. Through our lives we always seem to strive for it, whether that be idolising celebrities and wishing we had their lives or creating a fake life for your Instagram page. We are constantly made to believe that having the perfect life is something that we all must have, in a way we forget to be human. We fail to realise that human error is only natural and no matter how much money a person has or how big of a following on social media a person has we all have problems. I admit that sometimes I wonder about celebrities and I go to their social media pages and see how great their lives look but in reality we all only ever post things that we are happy with. We put up a facade of perfection and constant happiness, who would want to post an ugly selfie or something that is troubling them anyway? As a society I feel that we need to realise that we are all equal, strip us from our money, our material things and we are left to realise that we are all human beings and that there is no one better or worse than the other. Never strive for perfection or try to become one of your idols, be the best version of yourself that you possibly can be and know that hard work will always pay off. Having your health, a family, friends, food and a roof over your head is something we all tend to take for granted but we must remember that life isn’t about all the material things or the way we portray ourselves through our social media. Life is about making yourself genuinely happy and content with the world that you are living in. Through my own social media I like to post things that will later remind me of a day in my life that I particularly enjoyed or even a post that just made me happy.
I don’t tend to seek approval from others with my posts yet, like most people, I find myself concerned with the amount of likes I get on a post. We use hashtags to attract more attention and find satisfaction in an abundance of likes and comments. Something I tend to do with my social media, mainly Instagram, is do what pleases me. I like to have a theme and post ascetically pleasing images because it is something that interests me. I am an aspiring filmmaker/photographer and so such things come naturally to me. I strive to create as much as possible and find Instagram as a quick and easy outlet to explore my creativity as well as being able to keep it simple. I always have conflicting views on these things as I seriously love social media and how open it all is, that I am able to speak with and delve into the lives of others without even meeting them. The world of social media is so visual and a really great place for people to express themselves and share their own stories, which is why I love it and believe that being true to yourself and not worrying about how many followers you have compared to your friends or looking a certain way to others is important in order to stay grounded.

Instagram: shannonod14