Living By The Ocean

I love living by the ocean. In a way it’s therapeutic to me, somewhere I go when I want to be alone and when I want comfort and to feel safe. I go out by rocks and just sit and think, staring into the glistening ripples in the ocean. Something I feel a lot of people take for granted is how blessed and lucky we are to live on such a small beautiful island. I couldn’t imagine living in a big city that’s constantly on the move, not now at least. I love being able to just escape the anxiety of the world and look at how the ocean is constantly moving and changing, it reminds me of the human race. There will never be a time where we aren’t changing or growing, it is a part of the natural beauty that is life. It can be scary, to think that everything is happening so rapidly but then again we must remember that although the ocean is vast and can be hectic at times, it will always calm down. When you have lived surrounded by sea your whole life, like me, you become accustomed to it and can sometimes forget how fortunate you are to live in a place so open and relaxed, a paradise.

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Nights out

Now that my school life has come to an end for the final time I’ve started to celebrate. I want to finish on a good note, to stay positive and just have some fun. We go out for meals, celebrate and party. It is moments like these that make it easier, to just let go and have fun with friends.  We can always cherish and share awesome moments together. Having a party or Leaver’s ball to bring everything to a close is always a positive thing as we finish on a high note and have fond memories of old friends that we were able to celebrate and party with. This experience is all going to change as we grow older, we will no longer be working alongside people our own age, we won’t have as much time to let go and have fun but we will have these moments. Ones that we can hold close and remember but not forgetting to just live. I am excited and anxious to see what the world has to offer and where my life may lead me in the future but for now I’m just trying my best to live in the moment and enjoy it while it lasts.

Meeting up with friends is always the perfect way to bring up your mood. They know what makes you laugh and you can be yourself around them. In the images above a couple of friends and I went out to a local restaurant and had a really great meal where we talked, made each other laugh and just simply had some fun. We went out afterwards and went dancing, it was fun. I love spending time with friends they really know how to bring up your spirits and make you smile. Something I feel a lot of us try to do is grow up too fast. We feel the need to dress older, to look older and to act older when actually we should remain youthful for as long as we possibly can because really we are only given one life and  being young is something that we need to cherish and embrace to the best of our abilities.


Leaver’s ball (YR13 prom)

As our time at school has come to its final close, we celebrated as a year group. At first I was anxious for the whole event, getting the perfect outfit, being able to successfully do my hair and makeup and most importantly being able to walk in heels all night. It turned out to be a really great night with everyone enjoying themselves and being friendly towards one another. We had a formal dinner to begin with, which was not so pleasant plus the fact that I’ve got a cold and can’t actually taste much. That was unimportant, what we really wanted to do was hang out with friends and dance. We left the venue at around half 10 and headed off to the clubs and we danced for the entire night, met up with friends and sand along to some fun music. By the end of the night my feet were absolutely throbbing but I had persisted from half 6 in the evening until around 2AM, I lasted pretty long. Celebrating with your closest friends is always fun, we can just be ourselves and dance. An awesome way to end our final schooling experience, one that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.