London’s Calling

Around late October last year two of my closest friends and I decided to go on a day trip to London as an extended celebration for my birthday that was earlier in the month. We went during half term on a Monday, got up super early and drove to the airport. This was probably the most relaxed and most scary travel journey I’ve experienced as it was my first real time going away with friends and without any responsible adults along with us! I’ve only ever gone to the UK on my own once to stay with my sister for a week, which was awesome. Anyway, we got to London early and decided to take the tubes as it was the cheapest mode of transport. I soon became a pro at knowing which line to follow and which stops we would have to get off at. When we arrived in Oxford Street we went shopping as well as admiring the architecture and bright reds everywhere around us. Throughout the day we went in and out of shops and surprisingly didn’t really get much as there weren’t too many items my friends and I were loving at the time.

Late afternoon and tired of shopping without success we decided to get on the tube and find some food. We were so hungry and tired at this point so choosing a restaurant was quick and simple, the first one we saw. We ended up going to the Spaghetti House, I had been before with my sister and it was amazing. We sat down and ordered straight away and again the pizza, pepperoni naturally, was phenomenal. I often dream about eating that pizza and would go back to London just to have that pizza again it was that good! Plus it did help that we were already hungry and tired! After our early dinner we found ourselves a little short for time and so decided just to head straight back to the airport to catch our flight! Somehow in the mix of rush hour and paths of the tubes being closed and changed we lost one of our friends. This was the worst thing that could have happened and I was so worried that we had lost her and she would remain in London forever, dramatic I know. As we were running late and our friend had walked away and disappeared without warning we had to get on the tube on the way to the airport. I called and called and called her with no answer, we waited around but obviously couldn’t miss our flight so had to keep moving forward. When we arrived at the airport with still no sign of our friend we requested to the flight attendant to wait for her as she was running late. Finally, the two of us made it safely through departures and were waiting around for our flight when our names were called out saying we were about to miss it! The two of us looked at one another in sheer panic, it really did feel like a movie, and we sprinted down to our gate and got on the flight just in time. I was still so panicked about my friend that had left us and it turned out she had already made it on the flight before us. A stressful half an hour but something I have really learnt from, never walk off while in London. In all it was a really great trip and experience that I certainly won’t forget in a hurry.


A Note On Mental Health | A Short Film

This short film is based off of work I have done for my A2 photography project on lunacy. I wanted to create a video to express a few of my thoughts on mental health and how mainstream society doesn’t seem to understand those suffering. I made this video to sort of summarise what mainstream society chooses to understand about mental health and how sufferers are so often overlooked and undermined simply because they need help that is no physical.

Keeping Up With The Baby

This is a series of images that I made of my niece on her 1st ever birthday late last year. It was a lovely day and family and friends all came to celebrate along with us. I really enjoyed this day and had a lot of fun making images and spending time with my niece. Documenting this day has always been fun to look back on and to see the little details of the day and it will be a fun memory to look back on with my niece when she is older. She’s constantly on the move and always crawling around, even with a broken arm. I love my niece and so had fun photographing her and being able to spend time with her.


I have also worked on another shoot with my niece and big sister at their house. This was another fun shoot as I was able to spend more time with my family as well as document the ups and downs of parenthood. Something that I learnt about while making these images is that parenthood can be challenging and children need your constant attention but I also found how rewarding it can be and how much a tiny little human can love and appreciate you. This shoot in particular shows the fun, the tantrums and the rewards of being a parent with your first baby. I love looking at these photographs and seeing what entertains my niece and how different small children’s idea of fun is compared to an adults.


Vacation Time

A couple of years back I went on holiday with my parents for the final time as a teen. This trip was challenging at times, as we all know parents can get a little (MAJORLY) stressed out when travelling to and from the destination. I really appreciate being able to travel to different countries and see more of the world. We went to the South of France which is so beautiful and the scenery is nice and different. While there I managed to get badly sunburnt of the first day (could I be anymore British) and so took to exploring the towns and getting some photographs of the architecture and obviously the ocean. These images are more tourist pics but they remind me of the time I got to spend with my parents relaxing. During our time there we visited one of the more famous cathedrals and it was so lovely to go there and see how beautiful it was inside. It was interesting to see a place that is so sacred to many people and be able to walk around it.

Market People

I have always enjoyed experimenting with different photographic styles. I like to create staged images, documentary style images and surrealist images. I don’t tend to stick to one particular style and find that this helps me to freely express myself through my images by trying out different styles and techniques, some inspired by other photographers. I want my work to be diverse and to stand out so experimentation is something that I have a lot of fun with. This particular shoot was fun as it was challenging. For this shoot I went to my local market and asked a few workers there if I could photograph them, I was rejected many times but in the end this all helps me to build confidence with photographing strangers and being able to approach people confidently. This shoot did help me grow as a photographer and taught me what documentary style photography is really like.

Teenage Life

A while back I documented a day in the life along with some of my friends. This happened sometime late last summer, August, were we just went around town and didn’t get up to much. I chose to make images on this day because I thought it would be fun and as it turns out I captured some really great moments and memories. This was just an average day where my friends and I ventured around town in search of food, a place to sit and chat and shelter from the rain.


A Trip To St.Malo

Almost a year ago now I went, along with fellow photography students, to St. Malo for a day trip. We were tasked with making images that challenge the public, to create social disturbances. This was a project given as part of A2 photography coursework where we worked with photographer Tom Pope and his perception of performance photography. I love looking back at these old videos because they bring back memories of a hilarious day and the whole adventure of getting on a boat to somewhere that I haven’t really been in my teenage life. I loved this trip, and although badly sunburnt, I had a great time with friends and was able to document our activities throughout the day.

I remember before hand trying to come up with interesting and unique ideas to perform in front of the French public. We all split off into groups and tried our best to come up with ideas. In the end my friend and I decided it would be best to wing it, to come up with everything when we were in the environment. This is something that often Tom Pope would do and so we thought it would work well. Throughout the day we went to different sections of St.Malo, the small town, the boats and the ocean. This gave us more room for creativity, to choose a new location and hope that somehow this would spark an idea. We went round with our photography teachers as well as with Tom Pope, which was so fun and made for some really interesting footage. I felt so free that day, I didn’t really care much about what anyone thought of me and I felt that I could freely express my excitement and let go. This may have been because we weren’t on the island that I live on and so any embarrassment that I could have felt throughout that day would never come back to haunt me because I didn’t know anyone there anyway.